Saturday, March 31, 2007

I found it!

I know what you're thinking, "What was she missing?" Maybe you even scrolled down a little bit to see if I'd blogged about losing something. Nope, I haven't. You're in the clear!

There has been a smell in my apartment over the last couple of days. When I say smell, I don't mean nice fragrance. I mean ew, gross, spray the room freshener quick kind of smell. Like wet towels that have laid around for too long. Walking in the door of my apartment, I would be hit with "the smell." Not a pleasant welcome home, I assure you. I couldn't figure out what it was though. I had no wet clothes or towels lying around. I even got rid of the old towel in the shower and began using a new one...nope, that wasn't it, I was still smelling it! The smell wasn't coming from the laundry basket, so I knew there wasn't something in there I had forgotten about. It was the strongest in the living room! But there was nothing in here to smell! Ugh, what is stinking up my apartment?! The awful thing is, like with any smell, gradually you get used to it. I mean, whenever I walked in, I would smell it...horribly. But after searching for it and not finding anything, I would begin doing whatever and I would gradually become immune to "the smell."

Anyway, I found it! My trash needed taken out! I know what you're thinking again, "Duh, didn't she check the trash first." Well no, I hadn't mr. (miss) smartypants. It wasn't full. I hadn't thrown away something old and dead and gross. So it just didn't occur to me to check there. However, I have now taken it out and already the smell is dissipating.

Hooray for fresh smelling air again!

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