Sunday, April 01, 2007

I did it!

I sewed a button on!

What? You say.

I know, I know. I'm little Miss Susie Homemaker or something or other.

But, I have awful issues with sewing on a button! If one falls off, I simply don't wear the article of clothing again or wait for my mom to come and visit. It all goes back to my HomeEc teacher in high school giving me a bad grade on the boxer shorts I had to make...all because of the button! I remember lots of frowning, fussing, and "Alyssa, this isn't hard."

Which hole do I start with? Do I crisscross or go straight across? What if the thread doesn't match? Does it matter which hole I come back in on? Ugh! The pressure! So now, I just refuse to do it. Until this week! I had a pair of clam diggers that were brand-spankin' new. Still had the tags on 'em! And one button was very loose. But you see, it was on the inside! So who cares if the thread doesn't match and it doesn't look all pretty. I can still sew the button on, wear them and nobody will be the wiser.

So....I did it!

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