Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do you ever notice?

When I'm sad and feeling down and lonely, I try calling friends to cheer me up. I have noticed many times throughout my life that when I feel like I really NEED someone, no one is available or reachable.

In these times, I know God is telling me to turn towards Him. However, the desire for my friends to physically be there for me or pray for me or quote verses or be a shoulder to cry on is a real and legitimate desire. It is hard and in all honesty, it is also hurtful. I know why He does it, but I hurt by it just the same.

Monday, January 28, 2008

A few more children's books

These are all REALLY easy!

Eric Knight: A devoted collie dog

Roald Dahl: A boy learns about candy

Hans Rey: A mischievous monkey

Felix Salten: A deer in the forest

Johann d. Wyss: A shipwrecked family

Louisa May Alcott: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy

Surely you knew them all!

Friday, January 25, 2008

How come?

Why does a shorter work week seem so long?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Papers, papers and more papers

The fun part of my job is teaching. I love watching light bulbs go off. I love explaining an old concept that is finally understood. I truly enjoy teaching a new concept and watch their faces alight when they understand the first time!

I don't like grading papers.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No More Cinnamon Gum!

I heard something on the radio recently. And since I believe everything I hear, period, I decided to abide by it. ;)

Cinnamon gum chewers are not pleasant to kiss. Apparently, there is an unpleasing taste left in the mouth after chewing cinnamon gum. Whomever kisses you, does not enjoy this taste.

I have thrown out all of my cinnamon gum and will buy no more.

Gentlemen, be aware. My mouth is kissable!

Monday, January 21, 2008


I had one of those "rock your world" moments last night. It became exceedingly clear to me that I have been praying a certain prayer request with zero expectation for God to answer it with a "yes."

In short, I have been looking at God through my circumstances instead of looking at my circumstances through God. I know that is a cliche, but in this instance it is very true.

I have seen absolutely no signs in my life that God has any intention of answering my prayer the way I desire. That may be the case. He may say, "no." However, I have been expecting Him to say, "no" instead of trusting in His will one way or the other. That is wrong.

I fell asleep last night in conversation with Him. I know I will struggle with this again. I know I will need to continue to look to Him for trust. However, I know He will provide each and every time.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What do you think?

Jennifer Garner

Hilary Swank

What do you think? Similarities?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Children's Literature Trivia

Given the author and a clue about the book, name the title. I will post a few a day for a little while. I will give all the answers at the end. How well do you remember the books from your youth?

Maurice Sendak: mischievous Max becomes King _______________________________

Dr. Seuss: an unusual breakfast ____________________________________

Laurent De Brunhoff: the adventures of an elephant __________________________________

P.L. Travers: a nursemaid blows in on an east wind __________________________________

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


May they be worn in public?


Should we see them in public?


Monday, January 14, 2008

Opening Eyes

Note: I am not, in any way, intending the following to be offensive. I am simply trying to make a point and help open some eyes in the process.

If you were discussing negotiations about purchasing a car with a friend, would you use the phrase, "Jew them down."

If you have children, will you teach them these words to this nursery rhyme? Eeeny, meeny, miny, mo, catch a nigger by the toe."

Then why is the phrase, "That's retarded." okay?

Please realize I'm not an advocate of always being politically correct. However, I do think it is important to think before we speak.


I hate the blackness of my sin.

Why do I always think I'm right? Why do I think my way is the only way something will work? I've really been analyzing my attitude lately, and haven't liked what I've seen.


Technology Deprived

I left my cell phone at home today.


Scratch that: I'm home now and it's not here. Uh-oh.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Green Gold

I went to the grocery store last night. Most of my purchases were produce, which is always expensive and really hikes up a grocery bill. The fact that I bought one container of strawberries and one container of blueberries which were not on my list, did not help either. (I couldn't help it! The blueberries were by the pound instead of those little itty bitty containers they usually come in!)

I bought one package of green grapes and one package of red grapes. I didn't need as many as were in the pre-package, and knowing they were expensive right now, I took a bunch or two out of each one. I completed my shopping and checked out. To my amazement, and partial horror, the green grapes were outrageously expensive. The red grapes were pretty high too, but the green grapes were noticeably more so. My first thought was, "put them back," but I decided I really did want to serve them as a part of an appetizer to the guests I have coming, so I went through with the sale, but, "Yikes!"

Let's just say, they'd better dang well appreciate those green grapes!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Off Schedule

The week of New Year's Day was wonderful because I was off work. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning and then slept until, well, early afternoon honestly. It was great! I was productive, occasionally. I worked out, ran errands, and did laundry. I wasn't strictly lazy, but I was relaxing. I watched several movies, read a few books and in general rested.

This, of course, caused this week to be pretty difficult. Since I slept late on Sunday, I wasn't tired when it was "time" to go to bed. Getting up Monday morning was murder on my systerm. Then, Monday evening I had dance class, and Tuesday morning I didn't want to move. Last night I came home and took a nap. Warning Bells! Big mistake! I napped from 5-7:30, then went to bed at 1 am! Aaah! My alarm going off at 5:30 this morning was...yeck.

I've got to get back into a normal routine, but right now all I want to do is sleep.

It helps that I'm meeting a friend for dinner out by my school. I'll get some papers graded, go buy some gifts for the 11 weddings I am currently aware of, then meet Jill for dinner. After that, I've got to get gas and go to the grocery store. So tonight, I will fall into bed about 9:00 and, hopefully, sleep through the night.

Maybe this will get me back on schedule!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I began taking a new dance class last night and had fun, but MAN am I sore today! I definitely did not want to get out of bed this morning.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Multiple Uses; some unusual and unintended

Books are written to be read, but we have all used them for other things. Be it decorations or to prop up a projector, etc.

Safety pins were made to hold something together, usually fabric. In Charlie Wilson's War, Julia Roberts uses one to separate her eyelashes. Interesting, and not something I have done before.

KY Jelly's original purpose is as a lubricant...of some sort. But did you also know it works quite well for shaving?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Unasked Prayer

Praise God for answering a prayer that was unasked! I had thought about something off and on over the past two years, however I hadn't ever dwelled on it. I hadn't taken it to the Lord. A friend just called, saying, "hey, do you want to do this?" and my heart soared "YES!" I hadn't asked, but the LORD answered. Blessed be the name of the Lord!


Have you heard of this new way to remove unwanted hair?

I experienced threading a few days before Christmas. A kiosk had been set up in the mall. You signed your name to a list, having the option to continue shopping and come back. I admit it was interesting to watch as I waited my turn. My initial thought, after experiencing it, is that I would continue waxing. However, I have since decided I may like it better. Waxing facilities are easier to find, but I will definitely do threading again.