Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Life is a Process

This can be kind of cliched, but everything about life seems to be a process. Right now, I'm packing to move. I'm not moving far, but am very excited to have a washer/dryer IN HOUSE! The Lord blesses, even in the little, everyday things! I digress.

Packing is a process. I'll be in the middle of packing one cabinet. The box isn't quite full, but the cabinet is empty. So I have to move on to a different cabinet, possibly of a completely different category of item, to be able to finish off the box. Sometimes, I'm not ready to pack that different category just yet, so the box sits there, waiting.

Isn't life like that? Doesn't God sometimes start something in our lives, but then waits a little while before completing that work? Perhaps He's working on someone else's life before bringing us together. Perhaps He's waiting while we learn a lesson in the place He has us now. Maybe He simply wants to enjoy us in the stage of life we are currently in. There are innumerable possibilities to this.

Our Bible study class is going through Acts right now and Bill has a mnemonic for each chapter to help us remember the lesson or point he focused on. This past Sunday, we were walking through Acts 24. I admit, I don't totally remember the lesson of the chapter. However, in Bill's closing prayer, the Lord got my attention with these words, "Lord, help us to not focus on tomorrow, but instead to see what you have for us today."

Don't we do that? Sometimes, okay, a lot of times, I'm so focused on tomorrow's job or assignment or event that I completely miss what is going on right now. I don't live the life God has for me NOW. I am deaf to the lesson He wants me to learn TODAY.

I'm going to begin to focus on living for today.

Lord, do what You will. Life is a process and I want to enjoy You through every minute of it!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Dancing Wardrobe

Who knew that one would need specific clothing for dancing? I don't mean jazz or ballet type dancing. Not that kind. But the kind where you stand around the parquet floor and wait for someone to ask for the pleasure of your company, then you move around said floor to the beat while singing along to the song! (I only do this with certain partners!)

All of that is besides the point, however.

When I started going out to Wild West fairly regularly, I never knew I would need certain shoes. I learned that lesson pretty fast. They need a slick sole, which is practically impossible to find. Sandals don't work and anything without a back is a no go. I have two pair that work and one are my cowboy boots...which really only work with certain outfits. The pair that does work is light pink...which means I have a very limited color scheme to work with when choosing every other part of the outfit!

When I started taking swing lessons, the friend I was taking them with would comment on my blouse. Apparently the satiny kind of fabric is difficult for him when I wear it, because he can't catch me after a spin. Other shirts had ties in the back and those weren't ideal either. So I began paying closer attention to my tops. I still went dancing pretty regularly at this point and didn't want to wear the same outfit each time I went!

Though I still love it, I don't dance as regularly now. However, I did go last night. I had a lot of fun chatting with new friends and people I had known awhile.

And I learned something new about the dancing wardrobe. Wearing a strapless top can prove to be...interesting.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


I've decided to jump on the wagon of the new social networking tool. :)


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