Friday, June 15, 2007


Woke up to a text and a phone the same time!

Answered a dozen phone calls

Replied to as many emails

Finally able to brush my teeth

Paid my bills

Cleaned out the fridge

Watered the plants

Done the laundry

Treated to lunch

Got cash

Checked the mail and mailed some cards

Ran and emptied the dishwasher

Stopped by the store for last minute items

Filled up with gas (after leaving the parking lot and then realizing I'd forgotten to fill up!)

Picked up apartment

Received passport info from one last traveler!

Now I just have to pack.

Best kiss on film?

I'm not a fan of Drew Barrymore and refused to watch this movie for the longest time due to that fact. A few years ago my roommate twisted my arm, and I watched the movie. I'm still not a fan of her, but I think the best kiss on film is between she and Michael Vartan at the end of Never Been Kissed. A sweet friend of mine gave me the movie this week.

What do you think?

Disclaimer: I'm not talking about best film. I like Never Been Kissed. It's good, but I'm only talking about best kiss in this post.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Women's talk...always okay?

It's no secret I'm leaving for 3 weeks on Saturday. I'm going to England, France and Italy. (really?) For free. (gasp!) With 40 high schoolers. (oh.)

Two of the travelers and their mothers stopped by my apartment a little while ago to drop off some paperwork and ask a few questions. Female topics came up. No problem. I can handle that. Questions were asked, and I provided answers for all of them.

One mother likes to tease her daughter and brought up something designed to make the 15 year-old blush. Her daughter had absolutely no response and just stared at her mother. Mom's response was to nod at me and say "She's a woman, too!" As if that made it all okay. Truth be told, I was slightly uncomfortable by this point too.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mmm, Chocolate

I just went to the Chocolate Bar for the first time. :) I had Triple Decadence ice cream. Some foods claim decadence unjustly. Triple Decadence ice cream does no such thing.

Decadent. Yumm.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Can we say 'distracted'?

I got up this morning, err afternoon, when a friend of mine called to chat. After I hung up, I got ready and headed to school to continue trying to solve a problem I've been working on. I'm walking out my apartment door when I realize something.

I'm not wearing shoes.

Friday, June 08, 2007

I don't mind easy

I kinda like "easy" sometimes. I mean, I'm not saying life should be easy. But every so often, it's nice for something to be easy.

Money anyone?

I went to a friend's apartment yesterday. We talked about shopping for 2 hours. I left with $125.

Very EASY!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hair Styling and Schedules

My hair takes awhile to style. Best results happen when I have time for many steps...some steps requiring hours. If I can pull it into a tight bun, with product already on it, for a few hours before blow drying it and styling it, that is best. But who wakes up at 2am to wash her hair so that it can be in a tight bun for a few hours? Certainly not me. Which means, that doesn't get to happen very often.

I have noticed that I'm wearing my hair down more often this summer. It finally occurred to me the reason. I don't usually have to style my hair until evening. Therefore I can wake up late, workout, layout, shower around 3 and style it around 6. Perfect!

So basically, I'd like my school schedule to require me to arrive at work around 10am. I could wake up at 6, workout, shower and have time to do things around my apartment before I need to style my hair.

Can someone arrange that for me, please?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Texting Etiquette

A few friends had coffee last night. One person leaves and then a topic comes up amongst those of us still there. I text the one that left to inform/ask a question. I immediately get a response to which I text another response. This all happens about 10:45pm. I don't ever hear back regarding my second text. Until it wakes me up at 6:28am.


Of course, I've done the same thing. One night, err morning, I texted a friend. I really did think she would be awake. I wasn't being completely thoughtless, though it was 12:45am and my question definitely could have waited until the next day. Her response to my question? "Why are you texting me at 12:45am?"


Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I just got back to my apartment after working out at the apt. complex workout facility. I was about halfway through my time on the elliptical machine, after having already been on the treadmill, when an older man came in and turned the high powered fan away from the people and faced it towards THE WALL!!


There are 3 other people in here that have been working up a sweat for awhile now. I'm sorry that you're starting your workout right next to the fan and don't want the cool gust of wind in your face. It's June in Texas and we're hot!

I stink, but I think he might stink more.


I went to bed at 4:30am. My body woke me up at 9am. For what reason, I have no idea. I don't have to be anywhere until 6:30 tonight. But here I am blearily staring at the blinking cursor through half open lids. My body has that aching, "I didn't sleep enough" whiny feeling. "Yeah, no kidding you didn't sleep enough. But you're the one that wouldn't go back to sleep after waking up only 4 1/2 hours of going to sleep, so stop your whining!" Wait a minute. I'm having a conversation with my body? Maybe I'm more than tired.

All I know is that there is definitely a nap in my very near future, but for the moment I'm awake...kind of.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Multi tasking isn't my thing

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that...but I'm discovering that I can't do more than a few things at one time. Today I was talking on the phone while walking the aisles at my neighborhood Kroger's. I have a list and am there for just a few items. I pick up a few things that weren't on my list, but hey...that's okay. I look over my list to confirm I have all items and head to the check-out. All while chatting on the phone. I decide not to do self-scan b/c I know I can't talk and scan at the same time. I pay for my items, by this time I've hung up the phone, load them in my car and head for home. I pull into my parking lot and realize I for a loaf of bread. Here it is summer. I'm at home during the day and need bread for sandwiches at lunch time. It was on my list...but did I purchase it? Nope. All because I was doing too many things at one time.

In the future, I'll make sure I'm only grocery shopping when I go grocery shopping.

Friday, June 01, 2007


I slept until 11.

I arrived at lunch ten minutes early. Ten minutes late I was still looking for a parking place.

I almost hit a boy on a bike when he darted in front of me.

I laid in some cool sunshine by the pool. (My definition of cool sunshine: a breeze and cloud cover.)

I enjoyed a potent mai tai and had the glass taken away from me.

I finally put away the clean laundry and filled the now empty basket with all the dirty laundry.

The ten pairs of shoes decorating my living room floor are now back in their appropriate place in the closet.

Several purchases have now found a spot of belonging.

The dish washer hasn't been emptied and there are a few dirty dishes in the sink, but I've got to have something to do tomorrow, right?