Friday, February 18, 2011

Father to the Fatherless

Pete Wilson is in India right now, blogging about his experiences.

I cannot even imagine the emotional pain this little girl has experienced in her life. 

I pray God, in His will, erases her memory of that time, and if that isn't His will, that he would enable her to trust Him and shower others with His love because of her story.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Everyone needs healing

I follow Pete Wilson's blog.  I'm pretty sure you've seen his name on here before. :)

He is a pastor in Nashville and is so real in his posts that it's easy to connect with him and his heart behind his message.

Today's post rung true for me. 

How often do I forget that every person has a story?

How often do I need to remember to treat each person I come in contact with as a person?  Not just a student...or a student's parent...or a co-worker...or a waitress...but as a person.

Lord, help me remember.  Give me compassion.