Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a Weekend!

A weekend in pictures...with captions. (You didn't really think I could refrain from saying something, did you!?)

Julie's birthday was Friday! We did NOT serve this.

Umm, yeah. I messed up.

We did have a blast though!

I got a wine rack from my parents for Christmas. It was fun to fill it and then promptly empty it for Julie's party!

Saturday, I've already blogged about, so I'm not including any pics today. =)

Sunday morning dawned bright and early so I could go cheer on my friends!
I'd never gone to the marathon before, so made some rookie parking mistakes. I enjoyed watching this guy though as he ZOOMED by!

But eventually, I got where I was supposed to be. Way to go Melody and Julie!

Sunday night was quite emotional. Bill, my Bible Study teacher, read us a bit about a missionary's life from her blog. We're focusing on the Walk of Faith and going through Hebrews 11. This week we were talking about Joseph and Bill decided to read a little of a modern day Walk of Faith. It started off normal...just like our own life. A few entries in and we realized this was last week from a Haitian missionary. Many hearts were breaking in the room as all of us quickly figured out that this woman's life went from 'normal' to absolutely tilted on her world's axis in a matter of moments. That was at 5:15. At 6:30, our church service began and, as I'm sure most of you are aware, this Sunday was Sanctity of Life Sunday. As a believer in Jesus Christ, as a woman with a desire for children, as a sister to a woman with Down Syndrome, as a human being living life on this Earth, these statistics broke my heart. Did you know that 90% of pregnancies where Down Syndrome is diagnosed end in abortion? Did you know? There are so many more heart stopping numbers, but that is the one that branded itself into my brain and on my heart.

I knew of a Sanctity of Life March on Monday morning and decided to go.

I left about 12:00, because Melody found her car was officially totalled and she only had one more day of a paid rental car. We both had the day off work, so we went to three dealerships and test drove several cars. We then decided on one and Darrick met up with us to start the negotiating.

She left with this beauty!

And then I went home and crashed from a fun-filled weekend!

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