Sunday, January 10, 2010

Out with the Old...

My washing machine quit working awhile back. Aaron looked at it and was pretty sure it was the motor, so Jill called Sears. It was going to be two weeks before they could come out, which wasn't as bad as it sounds because I was just a week away from going home for I could do laundry there.

The Sears repairman was supposed to come between 10 and 2 on Dec 29, so I left my parents' house at 5:30am in Plano to make it to Houston in time for the beginning of the window. We all know repairmen's reputation...usually late? But sometimes they're early...which means not in the window. Either way, I wanted to be there. I arrived home, unloaded my car (a feat unto itself) and began unpacking, sorting, taking down Christmas, putting away packages I'd bought in 'day after' sales, etc.

At 3:30, he finally shows up. His comments? You were scheduled for 3:30, so I'm right on time. Yeah, well...

After he fiddled with it and looked around, he decided the machine needed a new transmission and motor (Aaron was right!) and it wouldn't be cost effective to fix it.

The little green sticker means "Replace me, please!"

The Sears man said, "They'll call you in 2-3 days and ask you what store you're closest to and then you can go pick one out." Jill and I are the efficient type though, you see :) She said, "Why do we have to wait for them to call us before we can go pick one out?"

So a few days later, I have a new washing machine! It's a little bigger and that caused a little problem at first, because the lid couldn't stay up by itself and the machine rocked into the dryer's frame when it reached the wash and spin cycle, thus creating lots of noise! So, you definitely didn't want to be here when it was washing! Jill and Aaron left a little while ago having taken the dryer down (Yikes!) and adjusting the frame and then pushing the washer back and putting the dryer back up.

Bottomline, I have a new washer!


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