Monday, January 04, 2010

Another Step in Patio Progress

Tom came over on Tuesday to help me cut down the last part of the tree. Well, when I say help I really mean he came over and used manly tools and did it all by himself while I watched. Sadly, I didn't have my camera so no pictures, but here's a before, middle and after. :)

This is the patio not long after I moved in. The tree in question today is the one on the far right, by the fence, that looks a lot like a bush, but is, in fact, a tree. :)

I used pruning shears and a saw to cut down as much of it as I could. I was able to get all of it, but this. The picture does not do the stump justice. It's about 24" tall and about 6" in diameter. The roots were pretty deep, too. Tom tried a shovel at first and decided a pick axe was needed, but it took some time for us to gain access of one of those.

We had to dig up the cast iron plants and move them out of the way, but put them back once the trunk was gone. There is a tall tree right outside my back fence and it's difficult to keep up with the effects of Fall (especially if you just don't even try for a few weeks...ahem.) So please excuse the leaves!

Seeing as how we're in winter and it's supposed to hit 29 tonight, I definitely don't plan to plant anything in the very near future. I am excited though that my garden is now ready for me! :) I do plan to get some pretty rocks and start with preparing various areas for future planting. I haven't decided what to plant. Flowers? Bushes? Groundcover? Herbs? I've done some research and want some color, but haven't made any firm decisions yet.

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