Friday, January 29, 2010

Family and School

I went home last weekend for some good family time!

We went to Rockfish. I'd never been, but it's one of my parents' favorite restaurants. It was yummy!

Angela and Trudy

Mom and Dad

Angela is a Wii fanatic. She absolutely loves Wii Sports! She did this...

...most of the weekend! :)

Arisa and Kento are kids I tutor every Tuesday. I've tutored Arisa for 3 years and started tutoring Kento this year. I love them!

I started back to grad school this semester! I was reading before class yesterday and came across a little education humor!

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  1. OY! I think some of my students wrote that comic. It makes grading easier (a zero only requires 0 or 2 keystrokes in my gradebook as opposed to the 3+ for those that did their homework), but they then wonder why their test grades are in the single digits out of 100%! Informationally impaired...I like it!