Thursday, January 07, 2010


I'm taking the GRE on Saturday. Long story short: I was in grad school. I took time off. I have to reapply. My former GRE scores are too old. I have to retake it. (LJ, how's that for concise!?) :)

I signed up for the test on Monday and immediately downloaded some free practice software. I went straight to the math practice, since that is where I would need the most help. I started reading from the screen and quickly decided to print it out. It was 69 pages. Since it's been a few years since I needed to know the necessary formulas for finding the shaded area of a circle with a triangle inside it, or anything else about triangles for that matter...

...let's just say I've spent some time brushing up.

I would work some problems and then go to a co-worker when I didn't know how to precede. I made it to Edie, Barbara, Mary, Kari and Cindy. Yep. This is going to be a group effort!
I can't just memorize formulas. I have to understand where the formula came from and how to use it and why to use it and the application of it. Which means I ask lots of questions! :) And use lots of scratch paper!

About 5:45 last night, I decided to take today off. My kids were taking a practice TAKS test today, so it was an okay day to miss. I went up to church, found a conference room in the library and spread out my things.

I completed those 69 pages and moved on to a GRE book that Arshunda let me have. :) I still need to review for the reading and writing section, but I'm feeling pretty good about the test overall.

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