Friday, January 01, 2010

Annual Review Continued

Since yesterday's post was pretty lengthy, I'm continuing the Annual Review today.


1. I'd like to be a better friend. There are so many times I think about calling someone or I think about sending a note or I think about reaching out and touching them in some way...and I don't act on it. I want to 'think' less and 'do' more!

2. I'd like to be a better daughter. I want to pray for my parents more. As individuals and as a married couple. I want to talk with them and really listen.

3. I want to be a better teacher. I want to search out creative ways to teach a certain concept and not trust the old way all the time. I want to become more comfortable with the technology that is available to me so I can use it more consistently thus helping my students become better equipped for their own futures as well.

4. I want to live by cash and not by credit. This will mean making a budget each month and sticking with it. It will mean getting completely paid up with all outstanding companies and starting with a clean slate. I don't owe much, but I want to use cash more consistently.

5. I want to find a way to serve outside of my local body of believers. I'm not sure in what capacity yet. The homeless? The ill? The physically or mentally disabled? The illiterate? The temporarily down and out?


1. I'm currently sponsoring one Compassion child. I like to help him out with other practical items too. I'd like to be able to sponsor a second Compassion child as well. Maybe in a different country? It's been fun to learn about India and William's life. I think maybe Ecuador next.

2. I want to find someone that needs a little bit of help and provide that tangible item anonymously.

3. I want to do more random acts of kindness. Anything! Pay for the next car's meal in a drive-thru or the family at the table next to mine or a dollar in the vending machine. I want to find ways to be kind to people I know and people I don't know.

4. I want to create a sense of community in my little neighborhood. I'd like to invite my close neighbors over for a meal and start the process of getting to know each other.

5. I want to go on a foreign mission trip. It has been since summer of '05 when I went to Guatemala, and I would really like to serve Him by sharing His story with someone that has never heard it before.


  1. Alyssa,

    I think you have made some worthy resolutions!
    You sound like a wonderful young lady!

    May God bless you this new year!!

    Kelly's Korner's Mom

  2. I love your resolutions! Good luck :)