Monday, January 04, 2010

My toolbox!

I asked for a toolbox complete with tools for Christmas. My uncle gave me a gift card to Home Depot and we all know what that means...I got to go SHOPPING! :)

Mom and I walked in and immediately found the aisle with toolboxes. My uncle thought a pink one was necessary and had looked, but no luck. :)

We found one with lots of pockets and a sturdy handle and other quite practical things that we liked. We also bought a 6 piece screwdriver set in which the Philips heads have blue handles and the slots have red handles. I thought that made tons of sense! We found some needle nose pliers, slip joint pliers and a crescent wrench, too before the gift card was spent.

When I got back to Houston, I moved everything from the carryall that had been dumped in (I forgot to take a picture of the old. Sorry!) It was a blue plastic thing with two sides and a handle in the middle. No matter how much I tried to organize, I still basically ended up having to toss stuff in nooks and crannies. No bueno.

Here is the new one!

I've already used it! I've hung a little thing by my kitchen window. I've taken screws out of the wall from a shelf that fell months ago and I just hadn't gotten to the screws.

Who knew I'd get all giddy over a toolbox? :)


  1. Is that my purse posing with your toolbox?

  2. Well, since it is in my home, by my toolbox and featured on my blog, I believe it should become my purse. Don't you think? :)