Monday, April 16, 2007

Technologically Savvy?

So last night at church the preacher referred to 8 track tapes. Most of the audience knew what they were, though probably only half of those had actually seen one.

I was chatting through gmail chat with a friend of mine yesterday. I initiated the chat and soon found out she had NEVER done instant messaging before. I was shocked, because that's how I communicated with everyone in college. She's not that much older than I am, but when she arrived at college, she'd never even heard of email!

I spoke with a high school student on the phone last night. She was trying to get to a website, but was typing an email address instead of the website address into the address field. She didn't realize there was a difference. I admit that floored me! A high schooler that didn't know the difference in email addresses and website addresses? What?

So all of these things caused me to think about what will be going on in just a few years, much less quite a few years that will separate generations.

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