Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Whew! Spring Cleaning!

As you can tell from my post earlier today, I was in need of some productivity around my apartment. Oddly enough, I am very productive while on the phone and oftentimes that productivity seeps into my time once I am off the phone. So I call my mom on the way home from class tonight. We're chit-chatting, about some pretty heartfelt stuff actually, and when I walk in the door (still on the phone) I'm energized to get stuff done!

Sheets on bed (check)

All laundry folded and put away (check)

File various and assundry paperwork (check)

Sweep kitchen (check)

Rehang closet light fixture that fell a month ago (check)

Put away all purses used in last week (check)

Pick up all shoes left throughout apartment (check)

Hang all clothes hanging on back of desk chair (check)

Put pile of papers to be shredded by door to go to work tomorrow (check)

Vacumn all carpeted areas (check)

Pay bills (check)

Sign tax return (check)

Reprint tax return because signed on wrong line...

Ah well... I guess I can't do everything right the first time!

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