Sunday, March 03, 2013

Debt Free!

The one thought that is constantly crashing in my mind this weekend is that I'M DEBT FREE!

The only word I can use to describe the emotion of this particular place in life I have found myself is relief.

Utter and profound relief.  I don't owe.  I'm not accumulating interest.  I can use my money as I WANT to rather than as I HAVE to.  I've had a car payment for the last 9 years and began working on my master's degree 6  years ago.  This has been a long time coming...most of my adult life has included some form of debt.  When the March paycheck comes in and I'm budgeting for April, I almost think I won't know what to do with myself.

Part of me wants to go buy something luxurious.  And, I admit, an iPad is being purchased next week.

But, I'm not going bonkers.  I've set a goal to purchase a home by the time I'm 35.  That's not THAT long away, but it's a goal.  That means all the money that was going to M.Ed. and Honda are now going towards a home.

I am constantly in awe of God's goodness and provision.  In August, as I was preparing my classroom, I remember a trip to a teacher supply store.  I needed a small item that cost less than $5, and I bought it...but knew I shouldn't have, because I flat out could NOT afford it.  I wasn't sure how I was going to pay September's rent, much less the car payment and certainly didn't need to be spending 2.99 on a classroom item.

I remember another moment when I was painfully aware of the $14 I had in my checking account, but was going to a dinner meeting in which every person was supposed to bring an item.

That was August, people.  August!  7 months ago...and God has provided a steady income, of not only my primary career, but also of tutoring students.  I'm currently tutoring 5 students and two of them would like to meet more than once a week, but it's hard to schedule that many sessions!  Two students came to my home this weekend, they were so desperate for tutoring!

There have been many years when my tax return came at just the right time to pay for an emergency, but this year, I was able to use it to pay off the finishing touches on both my M.Ed. and my Accord.  Thank you, Lord!  You are a God who provides and I see Your hand every day.

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