Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Prayer for My Daughter(s)

We sang a song in church this morning.  We've sung it before and it resonates with me, each time, in a different way.

This morning it resounded in a way it hasn't before.  The Lord used this song to lead me to pray for my daughter.  I do that off and on, more so lately.  :)

Here are some of the words.

You take my mourning. Turn it into dancing.
You take my weeping.  Turn it into laughing.
You take my mourning.  Turn it into dancing.
You take my sadness and turn it into joy.

You bring restoration
You bring restoration
You bring restoration
To my soul.

You've taken my pain.   You call me by a new name.
You've taken my shame.  And in it's place,  you give me joy.

Here is a link to hear Hillsong sing it.  It starts off a little slowly, but it's beautiful.  I encourage you to listen!

I began to pray for my daughter.  The one that is coming to me soon.  I can almost see her face.  I asked the Lord to protect her, right in this moment from whatever she is going through that is causing her to need to come live with me soon.

Heavenly Father,

You are good and righteous and holy.  You are bold and beautiful and just.  You are gracious and loving and merciful.  You are so many things I cannot wrap my mind around.  Right now, Lord, I'm coming to You as a mommy.  My heart is breaking for the little girl You are preparing for me.  I beg You to keep her safe, Lord.  Yet, I know sometimes You allow things You hate so You can accomplish something You love.  I don't understand it, and I don't have to.  You are God.  Not me.  Lord, I ask that You bring to light whatever evil is happening to my little girl.  I ask that you give someone the boldness to speak up and bring it to the right person's attention.  I ask that You give that person the focus to act on the information quickly.  Lord, You are a God of details.  I know this.  I have seen it.  I have lived it.  Lord, You are a God of the big picture.  I know this.  I have seen it.  I have lived it.  Lord, I praise You for who You are.  I know You love my girl more than I do.  I know that You are growing this love for her inside my heart.  You are God.  You can take my little one's mourning and turn it into dancing.  You can take my little's weeping and turn it into joy.  You bring restoration.  I know it takes time.  I know Your timing is perfect.  I trust You...not just with me...but with her.

In Christ's name, I pray,

I'm here, Little One.  God is working.  I'm praying for you.  And, when the timing is right, God will bring You to my waiting arms.

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