Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two in one day!?

I have decided that I need a "To Do" list to be able to get anything accomplished. I have things in my head that I know I need to do. I even know the importance of them...and some have specific time tables. For instance, my cousins are coming in town this weekend for a wedding. They're staying with me. Which means I need to clean. My bathtub...well, let's just say it needs it.

I'm taking a meal to Jill and Aaron tonight. Nicole is coming over so we can catch up. I'll cook while we talk.

Melody was going to come over tonight, too. But she needs to work on unpacking boxes and I need to cook and clean.

Tomorrow I will need to do anything that hasn't already been marked off the list! ie: wash sheets, vacumm, do any last minute grocery shopping, dust and finish decorating for Fall.

I've had all these things in my mind for awhile. They've been on my mental list. Today, I've written them down and I can already feel the impatience to get busy buzzing in my blood.

What is it about a list?

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