Thursday, October 15, 2009


I cut down another tree! This one was quite a bit larger than I had originally thought.

This is what was hauled off in today's trash.

This had to wait for Monday's trash pick up. I was all out of cans!

Here's what's left of it!

Dad suggested a bow saw when I described it as 6" in diameter, but I think he asked me it's circumference and I answered with it's diameter. Well 6" of circumference and 6" in diameter are a bit different! However, the bow saw worked great! I felt so independent and also a huge sense of accomplishment! As you can see, I still have a part of the trunk, maybe 18" above the ground. I thought I'd need an ax, but Dad recommended a chainsaw. (Kindall, I may take you up on your offer of an electric saw.) I'll get that trunk!

I want to plant ground cover and some flowers. That tree was providing quite a bit more shade than I had given it credit for, so that opens up my possibilities of what to plant, too!



I'm going to Galveston this weekend to sleep, read and walk the beach. I don't plan to do anything else in the garden before next week, but by next weekend I'd like to have things planted!


  1. Wow!! Alyssa this looks great! I also like your fall theme on your blog page. And just in case you were wondering I check your blog almost everyday to see the updates in the life of Miss Alyssa Ross!! Have fun this weekend!

  2. Oh no! Unless my eyes deceive me, you cut down a plumeria! :(