Thursday, October 08, 2009


A friend and I had dinner last night. I love hanging out with her because I can be plain ole me, and she loves me anyway. I really love hanging out with her because she makes me laugh. Real laughs that carry across the parking lot. :) We had fun. I found out a new use for the word herd. Apparently I'm a part of one. And I like it. Crazy, right?

At one point, our idiosyncracies came up. You know. Those little things you only know about someone if you live with them. Or maybe not even then. Yeah, THOSE things. I came up with a TON and all she could give me is she's crazy about a clean kitchen. Yeah, I know. Boring!

There are a few that I'm not willing to tell you. Sorry. Just not going to let some of them slide between these fingers.

Some of them I don't mind sharing. But you can only read further if you promise to leave a comment telling me a revealing idiosyncracy about you.


Ok. Here it goes.

When I pluck my eyebrows, my eyes water and I sneeze. Every time.

When I'm in the shower, I shed hair as I wash it. I stick said hair on the wall so it doesn't clog the drain. Then I throw it all in the trash after I get out. (When I lived with a roommate, I forgot a time or two. She was grossed out. Sorry, Danni!)

I absolutely hate vacumming! HATE IT! Hate is a strong word. I know. Don't lecture me. I really do.

There was one sleeping idiosyncracy we both agreed on. But I'm not going to share that here either.

Your turn. What's something that only a roommate would know about the way you live?
Spill the beans!


  1. I actually love vacumming! I mean, the satisfaction of seeing all that nasty dirt that gets sucked out of your carpet- how can you not get a feeling of satisfaction from that?!

  2. You're welcome to come over and vacumm :) But that doesn't tell me anything idiosyncratic about you...c'mon Kindall!

  3. so you know the concrete barricades construction crews put up when they are working on the road? well, I can't be in the car with them on my side. which means that I can't drive in the left lane or if I'm the passenger, the drive (usually Derrick) can't drive in the right lane. I seriously almost have panic attacks. I'm not sure why. I've never hit one. I've never seen anyone hit one. I just can't stand them.