Monday, October 12, 2009

Planting out of Season

I love Fall. It is most definitely my favorite season of the year.

I love the cold weather. I love the seasonal clothes. I absolutely ADORE fall decorations. I already have my front porch decorated. I don't have my indoor decorations up yet, but plan to fix that shortly. :)

Does anyone else feel the need to clean really well first before decorating? Well, I do. And I haven't had a chance to do that lately. Ok. Yes, I have. But I haven't done it. So that's on the top of my to do list for this week. Pay Bills, pick up condo, and CLEAN!

A week or so ago, I worked out in my garden area. I didn't have gloves or tools. It was more spontaneous than planned, but it needed some help desperately. When I moved in, my landlords said they didn't think anyone had done anything with it in the five years they'd owned it. It's a beautiful space, but is a little overgrown. I filled two trash cans and a big, black trash bag with limbs, leaves, dead plants and the contents of six big pots!

I didn't take any pictures, because in all reality it doesn't look like I've done anything to it yet. But it will get there. And I will take pictures when I'm finished.

I plan to buy a rake and some pruning shears this afternoon and work out there some more. There are beautiful green plants, but no color. After I get it cleaned up, I think I'm going to plant some begonias.

Look for pics soon!

And I'm posting this as some accountability. Now you're (the ambigous 'you' because I really have no idea who (if anyone) reads this, but that's beside the point) expecting pictures, so I'd better get busy!

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  1. I read it and I'm keeping an eye out for an amazing garden, young lady! I'd come help but I'm, well, not very good at bending over these days.