Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Same, but DIfferent

My little one is a precious 5 year old.  She is the same as all young 5 year olds in many ways.

She likes swim lessons, but they make her a little nervous.
She loves green grapes and asks for them all the time.
She always wants input on her clothing options and hairstyle for the day.
She has a tooth-filled grin.
She talks to herself when she plays.
She likes to pull all her toys out at once, but will clean them up when I ask her to.
She wants routine.  She wants to know what's coming next.
She likes cereal for breakfast.
She says, "I want to help!" a lot.  (It makes me smile!)
She needs assurances that she is loved, cared for and safe.
She loves to play at "Donuts" (McDonald's), but when she's tired, she wants to leave now.
She loves to draw and color pictures.
She wants a night light on when she sleeps.

Just like all children are unique, she is unique in many ways, too.

She likes salmon, as long as you don't call it "fish".
She enjoys pink chicken (pork chops).
Cooked spinach and broccoli and "salad" (lettuce) are asked for pretty regularly.
Pink is her favorite color.
She can play for a long time by herself, but she wants me to be nearby.
She has a tender heart, but a pretty tough head.

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