Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I'm Learning...

I'm learning to ask for help when I need it.

I'm learning to accept help when it's offered.

(Those are two different things!)

I'm learning to majorly celebrate and appreciate small steps forward.  No matter how small, just the act of moving forward is monumental!

I'm learning it's okay to cry more often.

I'm learning about my own expectations of others, and how they're not always fair.

I'm learning why parents are excited when school is almost out for summer, but they groan a little bit, too.

I'm learning small breaks are important for sanity.

I'm learning that it really is possible to survive on a LOT less sleep.

I'm learning organization is HUGE, and I can learn from others who have walked these steps before me.

I'm learning that some moments are more difficult than English words can describe, but when she reaches for my hand or climbs into my lap, physically showing her trust of me increasing, those tough moments become bearable.

I'm learning the routine she needs.  We all need routine, but each of us need something different.

I'm learning sacrifice is sweet and I don't (usually) mind it.

I'm learning to see the excitement and anxiousness of life through her eyes.

I'm learning I absolutely LOVE being a mommy, and a tiny part of my heart is sad I'm just now becoming one and that it doesn't look a little differently.

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