Friday, July 12, 2013

A Day at Home

There was absolutely nothing on our calendar today, and I was looking forward to our day at home.  For several reasons, we slept in and took the morning slowly.  Also for several reasons, I'm VERY thankful it's summer.  But that's another story. :)

Rest time for her is, of course, when my high motivation hit!  I could have taken a nap!  Oh, well.  Much more progress on my closet has been made!  Still some work to do, but LOTS accomplished today!

Pretty quickly, I realized we were going to HAVE to run one errand, and therefore might as well do two more.  After rest time, we pulled on our bathing suits and cover ups and headed out for our errands.  We hadn't gotten out of our pj's yet, and all our errands were drive thrus, and we were going straight to the pool when we got home, so it made the most sense! :)  One errand took us to my parents' neck of the woods, so we stopped there briefly, too.  Always fun to be able to just drop in.  A major benefit to living closer! :)

We got home and ran inside to grab our towels, floaties, make a snack, drinks for both of us, and sunscreen and sunglasses.  Um, "ran inside" sounds like that was quick.  Well, quick is relative, right? :)

We walk across the parking lot to spend the next several hours splashing til our hearts content and the gate was....dun, dun, dun....LOCKED!  :(  The maintenance guy was on the other side of the pool and chatting on his phone, but he managed to communicate it would be closed all day.


Promising a 5 year old an afternoon of swimming and then not going swimming is not an option.

So, we went back to the apartment and called the public pool to make sure it was open.  Score!

We spent about two hours splashing and jumping and practicing her kicks.  She's doing great with her arms, too!  She went down the little slide, while constantly asking for the big slide.  (She's about 6 inches shorter than required.  Brave girl is ready to go, though!)  They had fun shower, squirt things that just shoot out of the ground randomly, which she LOVED!

Then home for breakfast for dinner...her new fave...and an early bedtime.

And, that was our day at, not?

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