Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Traffic conversations
J: Why you stopped?
A: Because the light is red.
J: You have to stop at a red light?
A: Yes
J: Why you going?
A: Because the light turned green.
J: You can go at a green light?
A: Yes
J: Red means stop?  Green means go?
A: That's right

Repeat every red light or green light or highway driving with no lights.

Another day:
J: Why are THOSE cars GOOOO-ING?  The light is red!
A: Our light is red, honey.  Those cars have a green light.
J: Huh?
A: There are two streets.  The cars on that street can go.  The cars on our street are stopped.
J: Those cars can go?  We have to stop?
A: Yes
J: Why?
A: Because that's how traffic stays safe.
J: Why?
A: Because these cars stop so those cars can go, and then it will be our turn to go.

Repeat several times

J: Our light is red.  Why are you going!?
A: I'm turning right.  It's allowed.
J: Oh, I see an airplane!
A: (Mentally) Whew!

J: Why you not talking to them? (Pointing to people in the cars on either side of us.)
A: They're in their car and we're in our car.  We talk to each other.  They talk to the people in their car.
J: Why?  Why you not talk to them?
A: I don't know them.  We don't talk to people we don't know.
J: Why?
A: Because we need to only talk to people we know.  That's what's safe.

Repeat at every red light

Swim Lesson Conversations
J: Why you not swimming?
A: This is a swim class for kiddos.
J: Why?
A: Because the teachers will teach you how to swim.  You're going to learn lots of fun things.
J: Why?
A: Because swimming is fun!
J: You come in the water pool with me?
A: No, I won't come in the swimming pool with you this time.  I'm going to watch from up there.
J: Why?
A: Because they don't allow the adults down here.  I'll be right up there.  You can see me through the window.
J: Why they don't let people down here?
A: That's their rule.  (Mentally...I think it's a dumb rule, too and I don't understand it either, but I'm not going to tell you that.)
J: Why?
A: They want everyone to be safe.

2 minutes later
J: You come in with me?
A: No, I will watch you.
J: Why you not come in with me?
A: Because this is a lesson for kiddos and you're a kiddo.
J: What's that over there?
A: That's a water aerobics class for adults.  It's exercise.
J: You going to that?
A: No, I'm not going to that.
J: Why?
A: Because I'm not in that class.
J: Why?  
A: Because I'm here with you.

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