Saturday, July 06, 2013

Being an Adult: Budgeting for a House

I have wished to buy a home for a very long time.  I've tried 3 times, once seriously moved through the process of making an offer.  It's never worked out.  It's never been the right moment.

I haven't ever actually had the finances for buying.  Realtors and Brokers and even friends have told me, "You don't have to have a down payment.  Now is the time to buy.  Do it!"

Except, cash is necessary for buying a house.  And not having a down payment is flat out stupid.

20% of the final price is the wisest down payment to have.  That means AT LEAST 20,000.  30-40 is probably closer to accurate.  Closing costs are another $3-4,000 and of course there is decorating and then furniture needed for a larger space and moving expenses, etc.  It adds up fast!

Um, yeah, I'm a teacher.  I can't just cut back here and there and have 30-40k saved up.  It takes awhile.

My goal is to purchase a home by the time I'm 35.  That's in two years.  I'm not changing my goal, but I'm not sure it's realistic either.  However, I'm working hard to make it happen!  Pedicures are now only via gift certificate (hint, hint, if you need a gift for me!)  Movies will be the dollar theater and restaurants are via gift card or a place where a little one can play.  (More good gift ideas!)  I'm constantly looking for free activities for a little one and I to participate in and we're learning to love some play days at home with a friend coming over to play.  The library has been great and we're looking forward to story time there this week!  I'm not just cutting back, I'm also working hard to increase my income.  I'm tutoring twelve students this summer and would love to add another Baking Class of two kiddos if I found someone interested.  I have one student for sure lined up for fall, and I think two of my summer kiddos will continue as well.  I would love another two, and those will happen naturally, but the school year just can't have as many tutoring sessions as the summer can!

We land ourselves at Mom and Dad's dinner table a couple of times a week, and due to Kroger discounts and filling up several cars at once, Mom and Dad buy me a tank of gas once or twice a month, which is helpful! :)

I'm not trying to be naive, but I think I can probably start handling 2 kiddos after this little one's permanency plans are figured out.  However, I will need bunk beds...or a home with more rooms.  I'd love to be able to love on more kiddos, but for right now, I'll love on the ones the Lord gives me!

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