Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spending a Day Off

Yesterday was Fall Holiday in HISD, so we didn't have school. However, the building was open (which doesn't ever) so I was able to go catch up on a few things. I couldn't stay late on Thursday afternoon, so didn't have lesson plans finished, papers graded or copies ready for next week. That's never a good feeling, so I was glad to get in and accomplish quite a bit.

Then I ran to UH. As I posted about earlier, I'd been given the wrong textbook. I drove around for awhile...Have you ever tried to find parking on a college campus?! And then was able to handle the book. They gave me my money back and I purchased four of the five books I do need for this class. Yep, I said five books. I still need to buy the other one. Gotta find it in paperback first...I wasn't willing to pay for the hardback version.

After that, I walked across campus to the building I meet in for classes so I could turn in paperwork for a test I have to take in October. Turns out, I wasn't able to do that...I didn't have all the correct papers with me, so something to do another day.

My last stop of the day was to recycle all the items that had been in my trunk for about a month...just waiting for me to be anywhere near the recycling plant.

Home at 3:45...about the time I would have arrived home if I had actually worked yesterday. But not having kids is a nice break and accomplishing errands is always a good way to mark things off a list.

Now to pay bills, clean the house and do some baking! But first...Lupe's for lunch. Mmmmm!

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