Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Major headway!  Major!  MAJOR, I tell you!

I have 8 questions to study for my Comps test on Oct 16.  I now feel extremely confidant about one entire question and quite confidant about another entire question (yes, entire!  not just part!)

I also finished reading about the awfulness that was our nation's beginning.  (I'm being sarcastic...I mean I'm not, because that's what I had to read about...but the fact that the author (and thus the professor for choosing this book) are painting it to the extreme would be an understatement indeed.)  The fact that I have zero respect for my professor (outside of the fact she is in the position of controling my grade)...

I still have two chapters to read about how Anglo-Protestants are at fault for everything our nation has ever done badly.  Then I am to write a letter to the State Board of Education proposing changes to the Social Studies curriculum...changes from this reading!  Lord, help!  (He already has...I'm planning to quote Pastor Gregg from Sunday's sermon!)

Buuuuut, I steered off topic.  I read one chapter (almost 50 pages) and prepared for two essay questions.  Success!

Now, I'm off to bed!

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