Monday, September 13, 2010

If it weren't screwed on...

I have several tupperware containers of vegetable soup in my classroom fridge. Hi...have you been in Houston lately? Yeah...don't want to eat hot soup. Blech, blah, nope.

I'll take it home and freeze it until December...or January...when we might have a few days of cold weather.

So today I ran to McDonald''s the only drive thru place close enough to school where teachers can run and be back in time to eat and still pick up our students from the cafeteria on time.

I pull up to the pay window and see the car in front of me drive off. Not pull off.

I pull forward to the 2nd window and see Happy Meals, multiple drinks, etc and say "I think that might be theirs" and about this time the SUV started to back up. She had been just about to pull out of the parking lot. The embarrassed mom rolled her window down and laughingly said, "I don't know where my mind is today."

We've all had those days before I think!

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