Monday, September 27, 2010

Power Outage

We lost power at school on Friday.  Children enjoy hearing themselves squeal when lights barely flicker, much less go out altogether!  At first, the power was out for about five minutes.  They just barely came back on before they went off again...this time for close to an hour!  It was after lunch, but not quite dismissal time.  We do have windows, but due to the rain, it certainly wasn't sunny out.  The students did a great job of completing the assignment we were on, then we had fun by cleaning out our desks and our totes.  Children LOVE cleaning things!  It's amazing to me, because you know they don't like cleaning at home...but they absolutely love cleaning things at school.  We threw away old papers, wiped out desks, put books in their proper places, etc. 

All in all, they did great, but it was sure an interesting afternoon!

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