Saturday, September 25, 2010

I know I've already written about being overwhelmed, but as that is my life right now and this is my blog, I'm going to write about it again.

My Principles of Human Learning midterm is Wednesday.

I have a major paper due on October 4 in Cultural Foundations of American Education. I am to write a letter to the State Board of Education proposing changes to the Texas Social Studies Curriculum. So far I've read about how Columbus was really a mass murderer in one book and in another I've read about how we should go back to our Anglo-Protestant roots as that is clearly the only people group the founding fathers wanted to give freedom. Oh, let me tell you. (I hate it when conservatives are portrayed as being man does not speak for us all.)

On October 13, I need to turn in a title, references and outline for a thesis paper within my Principles of Human Learning class. I am researching Vocabulary Instruction with English Language Learners. I never write outlines for papers. I just start writing...and usually do pretty well. This will be an extra step and while I appreciate the fact that it makes me stay on top of the research, it is something else on my plate.

October 16 is my Comps Test. I have a packet to study with 8 questions. There will be 3 on the test. Here is just a sampling:
"Develop a list of 6 books that you consider "The Best of Children's Literature" (this does not necessarily mean 'old' books like Black Beauty). Select two realistic fiction novels, two historical fiction novels, and two fantasy novels. Defend your choices and include in your rationale specific ways that these books meet the criteria for excellence in each genre. What age or grade level does each book seem best suited for, or does it defy such boundaries? What is it that places each of these books head and shoulders above the hundreds of other juvenile books that are available?"

Breaking it down...I have to choose 6 books (out of thousands). I have to know and understand the criteria for each genre. I have to be discerning with age and grade appropriate materials and be able to identify why these books are 'head and shoulders above the rest.' This is hours of work. This is only one question. There are seven others.

I am not a person that can usually say 'no' when asked to do something. So far I have said no to two different things. Yes, I'm actually proud of myself, thank you. (And the people I said 'no' to were very understanding and supportive about it!)

Morale is really down at work right now. Really down. I won't go in to details because this post has been long enough, but it's another thing weighing on me.

Looking over a calendar...well, I can understand why I'm overwhelmed. I just want October 16 to be over.


  1. BREATHE, GIRL! It will be alright! You can (and will) gert it all done.

  2. The Giver!! One of the best! :)
    I understand... I'm writing my thesis, taking a class and we started school last week (the same week all my masters classes started!).