Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I like the fact that white haired men collect the offering in the church service commonly thought of as only for the younguns.

It took me over an hour to drive from U of H to my apartment last night. I'm glad I didn't go through downtown, or it would have been worse...much worse!

I was originally overwhelmed with the fact that I was taking two grad classes this semester, but after having the second class for the first time yesterday I think it's going to be A-okay!

I'm more than 200 minutes over my cell phone plan this month, so I won't be answering the phone between now and Tuesday when my month renews. Which kind of stinks since I currently don't have a computer at home either. :(

It's raining and my umbrella is in the car.

I always forget how much the beginning of the school year exhausts me. I go into it thinking "I'm going to be tired. They're not going to know anything." So I'm cognitively aware, but "MAN! I'm really tired!" and "They really don't know anything!"

I just found out a couple days ago that HEB stands for "Here Everything's Better"...did you know that?


  1. That's their marketing slogan. It was originally named after the founder's initials, Howard Edward Butt.

  2. Hey Alissa - depending on your cell carrier, you might be able to call and retroactively go up to the next higher minutes plan, which could save you a bundle! We're with Verizon and we did that during the wedding planning and also when we were buying the house. Then they just let us go back down to our old plan the next month - it didn't re-start the contract or anything and it kept us from paying $0.40/min. for what we had gone over!

  3. I was just going to say "it actually stands for the founder H.E. Butt"...but Greg beat me to it.

    I'm pretty sure HEB isn't as excited anymore about the Butt association... :)