Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First Day of School?

I have traditions for my classroom on the first day of school.  But now, I've got a little one that will have a "first day of school" and not just "ANY" first day of school, but the first day of KINDERGARTEN!

I know it won't be a tradition in her life.  Traditions build over time.  But, I do want her first day of Kindergarten to be special.

We had a special breakfast on the first day of school growing up.  Mom fixed Bubble Bread (I think most people call it Monkey Bread.)  I don't remember anything else about the first days of school.  I know I wasn't allowed to wear my school clothes we bought over the summer until school started.  (Check)  I remember going shopping for my school supplies and the fun and excitement of choosing the supplies.  (Check)

A bubble bread breakfast would be WAY too much food for just the two of us.  Also, since I'm a teacher and have to get to work really early on the first day, a super special breakfast is hard.

I'll take a morning picture for sure.

Any other suggestions?


  1. You could do an after school treat to celebrate a good day. Ice cream, sno cone, etc.

  2. What about a daily tradition, for as long as you're together, that begins on the first day?

    When you're reunited at the end of the day, ask her to name one great moment, one disappointing moment and one thing she would change to make the day better. Or perhaps what she's looking forward to tomorrow. Then you do the same.

    You'll get good details, she'll learn from your modeling, and she'll develop a habit of reflection and communication that she can carry no matter where her journey leads.