Saturday, August 10, 2013

Update on Her New Experiences!

These are just a few more things we've done this summer!

Swimming Lessons:
She has finished her 3rd session of swim lessons and she's doing great!  She still LOVES jumping off the side.  I showed her how to do a cannonball (I've told her I will only jump when we're the only ones at the pool! ;) and she's so cute trying to hold her knees and THEN jump off the side.  She LOVES doing a belly flop.  She is proud of her "airplane arms" and "ice cream scoops" and will show them off if you ask her.

"Wha's my teacher's name?" is the constant question.  I tell her we'll find out soon.  "Meet the Teacher" night is two weeks from yesterday.  She doesn't understand weeks, and I know to her it seems like forever, but it will be here before we know it!

Wet Zone:
A friend and her niece live in Rockwall/Rowlett area and met us at a fun, neighborhood water park there.  She absolutely LOVES a lazy river and the water spout things.  She REALLY wants to ride the tall slide, but she's about four inches from being tall enough.  There were some slides that she could do though, and she loved those.  She liked being able to turn the wheels to turn the water spouts on and off.  She especially loved it if she could turn them on when some unsuspecting person was walking by. ;)

Indoor Safari Park:
We went with Sara and her girls, E and A.  The girls had fun sliding down into the ball pit and playing in the "city" of buildings that was their height.  There were some areas for jumping and some for climbing and the entrance fee included a train.  All in all, she enjoyed it, but it wasn't much different than McD's and she LOVES McD's.

Public Swimming Pools:
The Parks and Rec has beefed up their pools since I was a kid!  One that is really close to us has a lazy river!  There are fun slides and water spouts and all sorts of things.  Most of the pools have inside/outside options, with one only being outside.  We've been to three total and go pretty regularly.  She just LOVES swimming!  The lazy river is still a favorite, but she likes just standing in the outside shallow pool and splashing, too.

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