Monday, August 05, 2013

Today's "Oops" Moments

I locked myself out of my new classroom, and since it's a portable no one on campus has keys to it yet.  Yay, Me!

I wore a pair of pants that have a hole in a bit of an embarrassing place and are now in the trash.

Swim lessons are cancelled for today and tomorrow.

I was supposed to be one place at 1:45 (briefly) and the next place at 2:00.  I made it to the first place at 3:00 and the next place at 3:30.

I forgot I left my teacher cabinets totally full of random things...not packed at all...because I was planning on having kid helpers and they could just carry the things to my new classroom, so it wouldn't be a big deal that they weren't in boxes.  Except, right now kids can't be in the new room, so I'm going to get to cart it all out there myself!

I got on the HOV lane, not realizing that I would need to get off the highway before there was an HOV exit, which meant I had to go 2 miles past my exit and then u-turn and get in 5 o'clock rush hour traffic.  (I'd been previously going against that traffic.)

I'm hoping no other "oops!" happen today!

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