Friday, August 09, 2013

A Recap on the Week

See this post.  It was fun! ;)

Somebody (not me) dropped a HUGE ball of communication.  Something was supposed to happen, and we didn't find out that it was NOT happening until it was too late.  LOTS of schedules had been moved to make this happen, so it was frustrating.  I can't even begin to tell you how much.

There have been ants in her bathroom sink off and on for awhile.  The pest guy has come before and the ants were gone for 2-3 weeks, but they're back today.  They're the little tiny ants, and she's not scared of them (thank goodness), but they're annoying and cause "time to brush your teeth" to be an adventure.  "What if there are ants?"

She saw a tiny gecko in her shower and wants to keep it as a pet.  I'd rather that reaction than scared!  A little hard to explain why we are not adding a pet to our home.

I dropped an egg while getting it out of the fridge, thus having a fun mess to clean up.

Sidewalk that leads up to my new classroom is torn up, with dirt and rebar the only access for some of the day.  (Which was totally accessible for walking, just not bringing the flatbed to move the rest of my classroom items.)  Then, they poured cement, making getting in and out of the room interesting. :)

I decided that expecting this week to throw curve balls was a good plan, because then I wouldn't expect things to go the way I planned. :)

Something else was supposed to happen today, but did not.

Emailed my principal asking for a door between the two classrooms.  I seriously thought she'd laugh a little and be like, "Alyssa.  Come on now, hon.  Let's be realistic."  I thought this was a "pie in the sky" type of request.  Cut a hole in the wall and put in a door!?  Um, her reaction was "I've already handled it.  It'll happen before school starts."  Wahooooooo!

A tutoring kiddo cancelled.  It was for a really good reason, but since this particular tutoring kiddo owed money today...and paying bills is a positive was a little frustrating.

At some point, I drove over a nail, flattening my tire.  Traded cars with my dad, drove my little one to swim lessons and home again.

Except, while getting in the car after swim lessons, I dinged the car next to me.  I walked to the group of boys and men that were having football practice on the lawn next to the parking lot and asked if the Tahoe belonged to any of them.  (We've been going to swim lessons for 6 weeks.  Long enough to know the football team's coaches park as far towards the grassy area as they can, so I had a pretty good hunch.)  The man just said, "It's old.  Is it a big scratch?  Thanks for being honest!   You have a good night!!"  I literally choked up a tad, told him thank you and walked with my little one back to my dad's car.  

Picked up Angela, dropped her off at Zumba, dropped my little one off at VBS (found out today was "water day"....great!  She's not really in "let's get wet" type clothes and her shoes have been worn all of three times.  Sigh...), met dad at Discount Tire, traded cars back and he left for work.  Waited at Discount Tire for them to replace the tire...which only cost me the price of a new roadside hazard.  LOVE Discount Tire.

Went to school and moved the final four loads...but it's all just sitting in a pile in the middle of my classroom floor, because I don't, currently, know where it's going to go!

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