Saturday, August 02, 2008

Not quite what I had in mind

My car is in the shop. I took it in yesterday for a tune-up and asked them to also run a "courtesy check" (where they check all the fluids, belts, hoses, blah, car-lingo, blah, blah.) A few things popped up, not unexpectedly, and the total bill was just under $1200. I wasn't taken completely unawares, so that wasn't as painful as it could have been.

It was a huge relief to get the car work done, because it had been weighing on my mind as something I wanted to do before I start back to work August 11. I had a breakdown moment Thursday night, in which I literally began balling for practically no reason other than exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed with my "to-do" list of items needing accomplished before August 11. Car work being one of the major items.

Today, my radio went off and my ABS light came on. Huh? What does this mean? I was out and about town and began heading home, while calling a friend of mine asking questions. I then called the shop and they said to bring it in. I stop by my apartment to pick up a book since I was only a block away and sitting in a mechanic's lobby with nothing to do for long periods of time isn't a bowl of cherries. I go back out to my car and...nothing. The engine wouldn't turn over, it wouldn't even click. My brakes locked up, all the lights on the dash would come on, but I practically had zero power. I again call the shop and they sent a tow truck to haul it in. I start cleaning my apartment since the other errands on my list are now not possible.

He just called. The alternator is "gone," the battery is completely dead, but the fuses are good. I asked what this all meant with responsibility of cost and he said he was still looking into it, but wanted to let me know what was going on.

It's 4:04. They close at 5:00. This could get interesting.

** Update as of 5:06. It's my responsibility and it's going to cost me $550. Probably more than that since the battery may not take a charge and will therefore need replaced, too. Here goes my house downpayment.

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  1. Boo! I hate car woes. I hope everything turns out alright (and financially reasonable)!