Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Stories

Maybe I just haven't been in tune with my funny bone in the past, but I don't remember ever having this many funny stories from students! I'm looking forward to this year if this keeps up!

Zane* comes up to me at track time today asking if I was going to have a Teacher Talent (talent show) Day this year. I asked if he meant the event that usually happens the last week of school. ?? He went into a little more detail before I stopped him and said, "Zane, you're asking me about something that always occurs the last week of school, when we're still on the first week of school. I find that amusing. :) How about you ask me sometime in May?" I say this teasingly and am smiling. He didn't get it! He wanted to tell me exactly what he was planning to do!

George* did something hilarious today, too, but right now I cannot remember! Boo! If I remember later, I'll post it!

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