Monday, April 28, 2008

Unique situation

I found myself in a fairly humorous situation on Friday evening. I was in the shower washing my hair when the water disappeared. That's right...the water pressure literally went to nothing. I'm standing in the shower with shampoo in my hair, a place to be in an hour and no water. Hmmm, what to do?

I call a friend to see if I can come shower at her place, but she's not at home. No one else lives very close by, so I start to troubleshoot. I don't have any bottled water in my apartment. I had just filled my iron with water, so I pour it all out, but it wasn't enough to rinse all the shampoo out of my hair. I start thinking about running to Walgreens with wet, shampoo-filled hair to buy bottled water, keeping in mind I also need a gift bag and tissue paper and now need to be at the restaurant in about 40 minutes. Yeah, not gonna happen.

Eureka! I literally had an epiphany while standing in my bathroom in a quandry. I have ice! I go to the freezer and dump the entire ice bucket into a big pot and turn the stove on high. I don't have time for it to get warm, just melt. I bend over the kitchen sink and pour melted, but freezing, water onto my hair. But it worked! No more shampoo!

I was only thirty minutes late to dinner and had a very amusing story to tell them!

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