Thursday, April 24, 2008

House buying process

I'm learning all sorts of things while house hunting.

1. is an excellent tool, though i might have some suggestions for making it a superb tool

2. the bank thinks i can afford a larger mortgage than i think i can

3. houston has some REALLY old homes

4. "investor's special" is a secret code for 'crappy house'

5. every sellers' initial expectation of price is a little unrealistic. some sellers' initial expectation of price is completely unrealistic

6. pictures do NOT always match with the real thing

7. going to look is a lot of fun

8. i have great friends to use for sounding boards and another pair of eyes, too

9. there are always more questions to ask a realtor or lender than i would have ever thought of on my own

10. asking questions is an excellent way to realize how oh so very little i actually know...but i'm learning!

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