Friday, April 11, 2008

Sleepiness oops

This post requires a little bit of background. (I won't ramble though, LJ!) :)

Wed morning I woke up a little late and thought I'd slept through my alarm. I use my cell phone and the picture was on the screen saying "alarm," but no noise. I thought I'd just never turned it off, and it eventually quit beeping. Thur morning the same thing happened, but I was vaguely aware that I'd hit the "silent" button instead of the "snooze" button. Mystery solved!

So last night I go to bed pretty early, about 8:45. I was tired! At 9:30 my phone rings, but I think it's my alarm. Once again, I hit the "silent" button, but then realize what I've done and open the flip phone to hit the snooze button instead. Since it wasn't my alarm, but was a ringing phone, opening the phone answered the call and hitting the snooze button hung up on the caller! In my state of fuzzy awareness, I still hadn't realized quite what I was doing. Then my friend called right back. This time I hit the silent button, intentionally, and went back to sleep!
And had some odd dreams, but I'm not posting about those.

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