Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Inhale, ahhh

Okay, so that's a little exaggerated, because I still can't quite take a full breath through my nose. However, I do feel 1000 times better today than I did on Friday. My headache is gone. My nose isn't running any more. My body doesn't ache. I actually have energy!

The fatigue was my most annoying symptom. It took everything in me to move from the bed to the couch! Ugh. I actually got dressed today. And it wasn't to go to the doctor. To be flat on my back from Friday night through mid-day Monday with absolutely no desire to move whatsoever was draining in and of itself!

Today, I have folded laundry and put it away. Put the dirty laundry in the basket. Hung up clothes that had been lying on the back of my desk chair. Bought my mom's birthday present (online) and figured out how much money I can move to savings. I've talked with Dad on the phone, too.

Last night, I graded all the papers I brought home on Friday. I'm getting ready to go to the bank and handle some paperwork, get gas and maybe some groceries. All in all, I feel much better and am enjoying this day off. So much better than laying around with so much to do and no energy to do it!

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