Sunday, September 09, 2012

God's Provision

I wrote earlier about trusting in myself for my daily needs instead of the One who created me.

This has been a tough summer of lessons.

1.  Transition is hard.
2.  Starting a new job is difficult.
3.  Moving away from a beloved city, and all those that live there, had heartbreaking moments.
4.  Finding a new church...well, let's just say I have a softened heart for the visitor and pray I will remember my experiences for a long time.
5.  Going without a paycheck is humbling.

I had to learn to trust God for my needs each day.  I clearly remember one evening, about a month ago, when I was getting in my car in my parents' driveway.  After my monthly car payment, I had $14 in my checking account.  I had just paid August rent out of my savings account.  To put it mildly, I was broke.  I almost asked Mom for money.  I didn't have the words formed.  But my mouth was opening and for "some" reason, I simply said "Have a good night" and drove home.  That night, a friend called me and offered to cover my rent and car payment.  The Lord provided rent and car payment!  The LORD closed my mouth and provided.  The LORD!  Not me.  Not me having to ask.  HIM!  Praise His Holy Name!  God used several friends through finances, encouraging phone calls, emails, and working hands, to pay my bills and get my classroom ready.  God knows what I need.  Knew what I needed.  Provided for it before I needed it.  That is who He is.  I forgot that and am blessed that He is patient with me.

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