Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thinking Before Speaking

I've been in situations over the years where it was clear SOMEBODY did not think before they spoke.  Sometimes that person was me and sometimes it wasn't, but either way these times can be funny, hurtful or simply memorable in some way.

I still think back with major embarassment on the time I asked my date to chip in a couple bucks for dinner so I wouldn't have to wait for change.  It was a group Sadie Hawkins college experience.  I needed two dollars or I was going to have to give another 20 and wait for change...and nobody else needed change.  I'm sitting here typing this right now and still I shake my head at myself in embarrassment.  I asked my date to pay!?  How rude is that!?

I remember a time a friend was describing a food blogger that was becoming quite popular.  She was off on some descriptions and when she said something that was correct, I said, "Well, that's the first thing you got right."  Ouch.  Who does that?  People who don't think (aka: I'm the culprit in this situation.) 

As a teacher, it amuses (and sometimes frustrates) me when a student asks something like, "Do I put my name on this?"  because...really?

I have had two men at various times tell me they find me unattractive.  They didn't come out and use the word unattractive.  One said, "I can talk to you about this because I don't find you attractive."  Seriously?  Oh, yeah...and at the time, I had a major crush on him.  I got to smile and continue the conversation when I wanted to slap him and walk away.  (I'm not trying to man bash here...just an example of not thinking before speaking.)

We all do it.  We all speak before we stop and think.  Sometimes it drastically affects a relationship...and not usually for the positive (I mean, does it really ever drastically affect for the positive?)

It's something I work with my students on each day.  It's something I need to be more aware of in my own life.  It's something I feel like God should shake His head at me for doing...and maybe He does...but I'm so glad it doesn't drastically affect our relationship for the negative.  Because He's God.  That's something else I need to remember more often, too.

Still a work in progress...

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