Monday, September 10, 2012

Change is simply that...change

This school and district are COMPLETELY different from my school in Houston, and I am having to learn how to swim all over again.  The grade level is the same.  The subjects are the same.  Teaching is the same.  So what could be different?  EVERYTHING else.  Planning lessons, how to make copies, guided reading, workshop model of instruction, new stories (aka: different curriculum), how to communicate with parents, the involvement of parents, assigned duties and the duty schedule, handling the grade level website, dismissal procedures, assessments and assessment schedules, the assortment of technology, the overwhelming use of technology through the building, the learning of all sorts of technology, heck even how to schedule an assessment (yep, it's through technology!)...EV. ER. Y. THING.  

And, I'm LOVING it!  I really like my team.  I'm enjoying my students and their parents.  I'm overwhelmed with change and feel like I'm struggling to learn the ropes, but I'm enjoying my environment!

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