Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday in Haiti

We emailed this out Sunday, March 13, about 7:30 in the evening.


Bon Soel!

(Good Evening!)

I just watched a minor surgery take place! THAT was exciting!

Our Internet connection is very slow, so uploading pictures isn't possible. Do we have some to show y'all, though! (Tom, your safety goggles came in handy!) :)

This morning we went to Des Champs, an outlying village of Jeremie for church. The team had a wonderful time! We (Haitians and Americans) worshipped our mighty God together through song, prayer and preaching.
God is good! This church had just completed an evangelism outreach with the children and were passing out Samaritan's Purse "Operation Child" boxes to all the children this morning. Our team's ladies enjoyed rocking the babies of the room at the back while all the parents crowded around to see their older children open their box. It was a blessing to see. =)

I'm going to give Christina an opportunity to write now from her perspective of the rest of the day. Hopefully a different team member will write each day :)

Our trip has been quite adventurous as we travel on a trailer attached to the back of our host's pickup truck. It is a very, very bumpy ride and you have to hold on tight! But the 45 minute rides have been rather enjoyable as we get to see just how beautiful Haiti is. Today we drove through the town, past the beach, over a river (on a bridge of course), and through the bush before reaching the church.

After lunch, we held a trial clinic in the mission's compound. We had 2 doctors and 2 nurses and saw more than 50 people in about 5 hours!

It was a bit crazy at times, but God gave us the patience and wisdom to handle it. One of our patients accepted Christ near the end of the evening! Praise God! We will be taking what we learned today and applying it tomorrow when we hold a clinic in another village named Grand Vincent. We will also begin the construction of a roof on a church tomorrow as well! Keep us in your prayers!

In Him,

Christina =)

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