Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grand Vincent

We sent this out the evening of Tuesday, March 15.


Bonswa. Komon ou ye? I have no idea how to spell these words, but this

is my attempt at saying good day and how are you in Haitian Creole.
This is Aaron giving an update.

It was another exciting morning at 5:30am when the rain woke up
everyone on the roof including myself. Other than a surprise wake up
call, it was another typical day here: eat breakfast and then take a
45 minute rocky ride into the country.

Today, the team was in Grand Vincent. It was another day for the
medical clinic, but it was really the first time that the construction
team started work on the roof. It was difficult to start building
because a lot of the wood was warped and bowed, not exactly your Home
Depot quality wood to work with. Anyways, we were able to get a truss
built. We'll be going back up tomorrow to hopefully finish the
remaining two trusses while the medical team serves more people in
that area.

Highlights of the day:
A few of the team members got to ride on a motor bike up to Grand Vincent.
Kids chasing the trailer full of Americans back down from their village
Team bonding has been fun and we enjoy each others company.
Our Haitian friends sang a song for us.

It's been a good four days so far and I'm looking forward to the fun and challenges that we will face tomorrow and for the remainder of the week.

Alright, it's time to get cleaned up before devotional/debrief time.
Thanks for all your support!


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