Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I knew it had been awhile since I'd posted, but I didn't realize how long it had been.  I've thought of things over the last month that I wanted to put on here, but right now their topics escape me.

Tonight, I'm going to post about Haiti.  I know I've mentioned it some, but definitely not often enough.  I'm leaving for Haiti with a team of 12 from Houston's First Baptist Church this Friday.  We'll be gone for 8 days and I'm really excited.  And...to be honest, pretty nervous and just a teeny bit scared.  Not for my physical safety mind you.  I'm not being naive, but we're not going to be in Port Au Prince.  We're going to be in Jeremie, a smaller town on the west coast, where crime isn't as prevalent or rampant as is currently the case in PAP.  No, my fright comes from wondering what the Lord is going to do.  What does He have to teach me?  Do I want to learn it?  I'm just being honest here...usually the Lord's lessons are hard as I walk through them.  It's after I've come through them that I enjoy His smile of pride for a job well done and the wisdom of the lesson learned.  During the lesson...well, during the lesson, it just sucks.

My excitement comes from our awesome team.  I'm thrilled with the team that God hand-picked.  It is so incredibly obvious He put our team together, and I'm over the moon to serve with them.  They have each been an immense blessing through this time of preparation.  Most of the team has not been to Haiti before, and a few are about to embark on their first mission trip.  I CAN'T WAIT to see what God is going to do in their lives and in their walk with Christ. 

I'm nervous like I typically feel before traveling internationally.  The nerves are mostly due to "What if I forget something?" and this time, I'm worried I'm going to forget something that will affect more than just me.  Or what if I mess something up that affects the team?  I've led in other areas, but a team overseas is a new experience.  I know the Lord has brought me to this time of service.  I'm trusting Him for every future step of the way. =)  Some minutes I do better at that than others.  (Just keepin' it real here, folks.)

I'm packed!  I still have some shopping to do for food and miscellaneous supplies we're taking to the missionary family down there.  However, my backpack is completely packed.  I just made a to-do list and there are 13 items on it...and I just received an email answering one of them!  So, it's all coming together!

Praise the Lord!

I plan to blog while we're gone, and hopefully add pictures, too.  Be on the look-out for updates!

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  1. I'll be praying for y'all. Thanks for letting us know or maybe since I'm you know a Titus 2 type, maybe you said something and the old memory didn't kick in. I won't forget to lift you to the Father though.