Sunday, October 03, 2010

This week's paper (different from paper in previous post)

Every Wednesday for my Principles of Human Learning class, we have a Reflection Paper due.  We read a chapter and sometimes an assigned article and then answer some questions.  The paper is approximately 2-3 pages in length and isn't necessarily difficult, because it asks for classroom examples and perspectives based on experience, though it does take time.  This is the assignment that is due this Wednesday.  I love it!

Reflection Assignment #5

This assignment will NOT BE accepted late.

Papers should be neatly typed and formatted in the following style:
Heading: Name, EPSY 6340, Reflection Paper #5, and Date
Margins: 1” (left, right, top, bottom)
Font: Times New Roman / Size 12
Line Spacing: Double spaced

Due Date: Hard copy due October 6, 2010

Read Chapter 7 in your text and be prepared to discuss Cognition and Instruction in class on October 6. In addition, complete the exercise below.

1. Your assignment this week is the result of the analysis of two prevailing variables and one intervening variable. The two prevailing variables are:

 Dr. Schoger needs time to grade midterm exams.

 The students in EPSY 6340 studied hard for their midterm and need a break.

The intervening variable is:

 Dr. Schoger will be out of town for the next two weekends – one for pleasure, one for business,

Analysis of these variables, and their significant effect on the participants, demonstrate a need for a “freebie” this week for the reflection assignment. There is one thing you will be required to turn in, though. Print this page, and fill out the statement below.

I studied so hard for my midterm exam that I will positively reinforce myself this weekend by doing something nice for myself.

This is what I did for myself:


Grading Rubric:

Student did something nice to reinforce appropriate studying behavior - 10 points

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