Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm tired and I'm feeling a little whiny and OH MY WORD this weekend was fun, but busy.  (And yes, I'm aware that really none of that sentence in anyway relates, much less should be in the same sentence.)

There's just something about being around people that have known me a long time.  Y'all know what I'm talking about.  The tears flow.  The laughter doesn't stop.  The drama that had been is brought up and laughed about or conveniently forgotten because you're just that loved.  I had that this weekend.  And I needed it...badly.  I didn't realize how much I needed it until Friday night as the tears are flowing.  Each time we gather, we give prayer requests.  Am had brought the most recent list with her and we updated and then exchanged new ones and prayed for each other.  It was emotional, uplifting, encouraging and a sweet time of sisters in communion with the Holy Spirit kneeling at Christ's throne beseeching Him on a wide spectrum of topics.  And HE cares.  And so do we, each of us committing to pray and fussing at each other when life situations arise that we don't communicate. 

I absolutely adore my Ouachita girls and am so thankful the Lord has blessed me with their friendships.  We don't talk as much between girls' weekends as we intend to or want to, but each time we get together, we really do pick up where we left off. 

Sunday night I saw a grade for my most recent "Columbus is a murdering man" paper.  It stunk.  Truly.  And I emailed the instructor because I had been told the draft was very good and I made the corrections mentioned.  So why is the final grade so low?  I read my email to Mom to make sure I was being respectful and she agreed it was.  I was reamed by the instructor in his response.  Always nice. 

One student posted on the discussion board.  He was basically asking if anyone else was having difficulty processing the amount of information we're having to read.  He's overwhelmed.  (It's heavy material and LOTS of it.  The next assignment requires two whole books, parts of two other books, multiple articles (or a whole book), a movie and interviewing three different people.  The topic is affirmative action.  A good topic by all means, but a heavy topic.  An emotional topic.  And our paper is due two weeks from today.  Only three weeks after the last paper.  All of the students in this class work full time and are taking other classes too, so the amount of reading for this class is quite difficult to accomplish.)  Anyway, he posted his feelings of being overwhelmed.  The professor's response?  "Good problem." 

So I receive the instructor's email reaming me regarding my last paper.  He wants me to rewrite it.  (Ha!  As if there is time for that!)  The professor thinks it's good that her students are overwhelmed with material.  All of this led to my fb status last night: "No one appreciates a professor who has the perspective that her class is the only thing important."


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  1. Oh wow. I'm not even that bad...I'm sorry, Alyssa. You're almost there! Just think, in January, this will be in your rearview!